These words might sound harsh But have you ever asked yourself; What do you really want? What do you have to offer? What does your existence symbolize? If things come to an end today, Would you love the way you lived? How well do you believe in yourself? What are your dreams? What is your reality? How well do you love yourself? How often do you speak yourself?

These are questions I have asked myself, Over and over again. To be honest, I myself have no answers, Regardless, I can sense my confusion, my instability and my uncertainty. “But it is alright to realize you are imperfect, It’s why you exist in the first place, It’s what makes you human and unique”. These are the words I tell myself, But my existence becomes meaningless Till I find myself.

Till I know if I am living for me, Or for people around me.

So, Pause, Take a deep breath, Retrace your steps, Disconnect yourself from your current state, Answer these questions, Set yourself right. Make things about yourself. From me, Love yourself and Speak yourself. Funmilayo

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