WhatsApp Vs Telegram

WhatsApp is the indisputable leader when it comes to messaging, primarily because of its huge user base. Since it has been acquired by Facebook, the social media giant has tried to integrate a lot of features corresponding to its other social media apps such as Instagram and Facebook itself. With this implementation, WhatsApp has soaked up the flavours of a social media platform and is now far from being a simple messaging platform. While a lot of users have come to like the additional features, it might be distracting who want to use the app for simple and meaningful conversation and this is where another great messenger – Telegram – comes into the picture. Telegram is a simple, cross-platform messaging service with a security-first approach and a variety of extra features like programmable bots, allowing users to highly customize how they communicate with others.

Almost during all of 2018, Facebook has faced fire from regulators and lawmakers around the world for the massive and infamous Cambridge Analytica breach. Meanwhile, Telegram, too, faced legal tussles from the Russian authorities for denying private encryption keys of users. So, whether it is for your concerns about privacy or just taking a break from the usual hubbub on WhatsApp, Telegram might be able to redeem you. However, that in no way intended to mean that WhatsApp lags behind, and both messaging apps have their merits and demerits.

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Both WhatsApp and Telegram support similar features like support for stickers, picture-in-picture viewing, besides basic messaging features, but are, at the same time, are set apart by many other features. In this article, we plan to highlight these differences to help you make a clear distinction between the two and also letting you choose which might be the better messaging service to fulfil your necessities. Let’s start with the user base, shall we?

User Base

Before taking the battle between WhatsApp and Telegram further, let us take a look at the difference between the number of users employing the two apps. A larger user base translates to a more polished overall end-user experience, a smaller number of experimental features, and a better customer support channel.

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In January 2018, WhatsApp reportedly had 1.5 billion active users while a couple of months later, Telegram reported having 200 million monthly active users – less than 15% of the number of users that are served by WhatsApp. In spite of the much smaller user base, Telegram takes pride in the fact that since its birth in 2013, it hasn’t shared even a single byte of user data with any third-party, which may sound compelling especially in the wake of concerns about Facebook removing encryption in the name of helping government fight fake news.

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