What is Music to you?

The music legend Fela once described music as a weapon, this is no understatement. Music is what you make it to be, music is what defines you as a person.

Most people do not actually know that what they listen to tells a lot about who they really are. Hi there, so music for me is a tool of encouragement growth and also development. The world is a little complicated at the moment and it’s often advisable to consider music that relates to what you are feeling and how things ought to be.

Has anyone ever considered that music actually goes beyond the language choice, yeah music on its own is a language, for example I as an individual listen to the Korean sensation known as BTS, they are called Bangtan, and their music looks beyond entertainment into what life is really all about, family pressure, depression, uncertainty, lack of trust and other societal issues in a foreign language, yes in Korean.

I listen because their songs reach out to me as an individual and motivates me to love myself more and live for myself, this playlist actually explains my youthfulness, the things I think and wish about the things I unknowningly crave for, things I actually worry about and so on.

My music discusses my worries. What does your music talk about? Let me have your feedbacks in the comment section lovelies

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  1. This sums up all I’ve been telling people. I always say your genre and favorite artist tells a lot about you.

    I like to listen to relatable music and it helps me relieve stress and depression well

  2. Great article! You and Fela couldn’t have explained it any better. Music makes life easier and it brings everyone together. Music helps with any emotion or anything you are going through in life.

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