[VIDEO] What A Wawu! Uniosun Lecturer Flogs Students In Class

Many will think this is a stale gist, this is 2018 baby and happening live in Uniosun, Ikire campus.

In one of the 6 campuses of the Osun State University, a lecturer was seen beating students in his class, reasons for this action isn’t know but hello, this is 2018 and should not be hapening.

Watch video below;

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One thought on “[VIDEO] What A Wawu! Uniosun Lecturer Flogs Students In Class

  1. I am a student of uniosun ikire campus and I can tell you that if u ask the students I was just was just a theatre scene and nothing more. the lecturer is a very nice man and even after the scene the still laughed and joked about it. the student who posted was just playing immaturity.
    Faculty PRO

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