PASSENGERS travelling with Spirit Airlines were left screaming in terror after a bat flew through the cabin mid-flight.

The bat was spotted 30 minutes after the flight took off according to one of the passengers.

Twitter user Peter Scattini tweeted a video of the bat with the caption: “There is deadass a bat on this Spirit Airline.”

In the video, the bat flies down the middle of the cabin while a child screams in shock. A woman at the end peered out from the bathroom in fear.

Another passenger asks: “It’s not a bat is it?” while a young girl hides in the toilet and looks out in shock.

Peter added: “I also want to make clear that this bat appeared WHILE WE WERE 30 MINUTES INTO OUR FLIGHT. “Where it came from? No idea.”

The bat was eventually subdued so the rest of the flight could continue bat-free.

Watch video below;

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