A shocking video of a Ugandan pastor flogging his church members for reportedly not attending service is making the rounds on social media.

Pastor Paul Muwanguzi was seen in the viral video with a cane flogging several people believed to be his congregants. The members, young and old, were seen lying on the floor as they took turns to receive their strokes of the cane.

Kenyan radio station Wish FM shared the video with the caption:

“Pastor Paul Muwanguzi canes his followers who didnt turn up for church service the previous Sunday. But Uganda why??”

The incident is more incredulous considering that the said pastor said to be an ex-convict sentenced to four years in jail in Uganda in 2013 for impersonating a Kenyan Catholic priest to extort unsuspecting followers.

After serving part of his sentence, in 2014 he escaped from prison and fled to Zimbabwe where he was later repatriated back to Uganda in November 2016 to complete his jail term.

Two more years were added to his jail term for the prison break and being in possession of a fake passport in the names of David Mubiru.

Now, he’s not only the leader of a church, he also flogs adults for not attending service.

Watch video below;

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