[VIDEO] Nigerian Police Officer Harass Student Because His Phone Was Too Expensive

A video of an angry police officer harassing a student of the Delta State University, after going through his phone and concluding “it was too expensive,” is making the rounds on social

In the video which was shared on Twitter, the officer could be heard saying that in his 13 years in service, he has only been able to buy an N15, 000 worth of phone as he’s not been able to afford the expensive phone the student is using.

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In anger, he reportedly smashed the phone on the ground. The incident, according to the twitter user who posted the video, happened in Okpe yesterday April 9th.

The matter dragged for a very long time and the students were prevented from proceeding on the trip with the other passengers. The highlight of the confrontation was, however, when the officer angrily slapped the boy and smashed his phone on the ground.

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Watch the video below;


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