It was ‘Drama Night’ when the atmosphere immediately changed from a romantic sex thrilled moment to a full grown crusade accompanied with casting of demons and prayers between a local sex worker and her customer.

The instant switch of atmosphere occured somewhere in Lagos, when a man took home a lady home who happened to have a waist bead on. As it was time to get down to business, and during the rumbling and shuffling, the waist bead of the lady cut off from her waist to the ground, and she immediately started acting weird.

The young man initailly thought her sudden change of attitude was part of her many bed tricks, until the lady started displaying a certain degree of ‘Madness’, which immediately made the man to remember God, and immediately he started quoting the Bible and casting out demon from the demon-possessed Prostitute.

Both the prostitute and the young man were both naked, and have converted the room to a crusade ground, and he invited his friend to join him in prayers to cast out the Demon out of the prostitute.

The Prayer continued for a while, until the lady started confessing.

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