Veins season 2 episode 8

“There are things in life ahould understand. Life is not about the kind of life that revolves around you, it’s the kind of life you revolve around.”
“Take it from me, the guy that was shunned off by the people he was hoping to embrace as family. I was kidnapped for something that I knew nothing about, my brother’s fault though but not entirely. Even though I escaped myself, I still had hope and faith that things would turn out the way I want it to.

My brother was napped afterwards but that doesn’t give me the luxury to use that as my revenge even though a part of me wants to. Otherwise, I have been trying to get him out of that pit because that’s what family is about.”
” have each other’s backs even if you have been betrayed and left for dead. When push comes the shove, you still have to be behind them. What kind of brother would I be if I ain’t trying to save my brother? I am gonna rescue him even if that’ll be the last thing I’ll do.”

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“I used to think I was doing the right thing by doing that bad business and using my brother’s identity for my own selfish self preservation.”
“I had a lot of job opportunities, but the friends I had influenced my choice and decision. I now believe the kind of people you move with can actually scar your life. The people you move with might determine the kind of life you will end up living”.
“I started my brother’s life in the name of my reputation that I don’t want to stain, now I have made him see me as the traitor that I really am. I just hope I don’t die here, I hope my brother forgives me.”

The wages of sin is death
The consequence of betrayal is death
The end of the Bades family…

General’s speech was interrupted by a phone call. He angrily picked the call of an unknown number.
“Who’s this?” General said.
“I’ve got your son General, I’ve got your son.”

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