There is tension in Ikire as students of Osun State University; Ikire Campus came out to protest against SARS.

Olofofo Uniosun contacted the president of the faculty to confirm the incident. The president; Comrade Frank however confirmed that protest is currently going-on. He expressed his shock over the protest.

“I was coming to school and I saw some students protesting at the front of Fulani Building. They are protesting against SARS operatives that raided hostels yesterday. Everywhere is tensed now. ” – Frank said.

He added that students are angry that SARS operatives raided hostels yesterday and made bank transfers on students phone.

Below are some of the pictures from the protest;

More details later…


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  1. Good job comrades….it’s our duties to throw those bastard off the board. They are not meant to be in human existance… May the spirit of Aluta Never depart from us.
    E soweto….
    Aluta continual…..

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