Two Arsenal coaches suspend after Marcus McGuane was ‘bullied’ out of club

Arsenal have suspended Under-23 coach Steve Gatting and his assistant Carl Laraman pending an internal investigation amid allegations of bullying. The pair were absent as Porto defeated the U23 side 1-0 in the final of the Premier League International Cup on Tuesday night and U18 coach Kwame Ampadu stepped in to coach the team.

According to The Hackney Gazette, Gatting and Laraman have been placed on a leave of absence following complaints from several academy players. It’s believed a culture of bullying may have forced Marcus McGuane to leave the club in January.

McGuane, 19, who became the first English player since Gary Lineker to join Barca, is yet to make his debut for the first-team at the Nou Camp. A source told the The Hackney Gazette: ‘They [Gatting and Laraman] are under investigation for complaints of bullying.

‘That’s why Kwame did the U23 final. I’m surprised more people didn’t pick on the fact he did the final instead of Gatting and Laraman. ‘Marcus McGuane, who went to Barcelona, wasn’t happy with them.’

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Arsenal confirmed that Gatting and Laraman have been suspended but refused to discuss the matter any further. ‘We have suspended two coaches and launched an investigation following complaints from some players,’ an Arsenal spokesperson told The Hackney Gazette.


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