Every now and then, I try listening to a new artist and the one who has my focus today is the Compton CA bred rapper Roddy Rich.

Trap is not necessarily my style of music but I bumped into Roddy by accident, my sister Bukola could not stop jamming to “High Fashion” and that’s how I stumbled on Roddy Rich.

I’m amazed as to how well he manages to blend the trap style of rap with pure rap lyrics making him a delight to listen to. His style actually gives the vibe that indicates that there is more to the guy than it meets the eye.

After listening to his Excuse Me For Being Antisocial Album, I am of the opinion that Roddy’s music would definitely mean a lot to me.

Here are my top 5 songs you should listen to:

High Fashion ft Dj Mustard
Well this is definitely my number one forgive me for being biased, High Fashion is the reason I listen to Roddy. The blend of Trap beat and Hardcore ra is something I can’t get enough of.

The Box:
Ok you have to definitely check this song out, listen closely and carefully to how creative Roddy is on this song. This comes up every morning on my playlist before heading to work.

Die Young
I heard Die Young from a Taooma skit, then I had to check the song itself out and it made me respect Roddy the more and understand him a whole lot better.

God’s Eyes:
This is a unique title for a unique song, it raises some kind of emotion that gives you something to definitely think about.

This is off Dj Mustard’s album, there nothing much to say about this but it’s something I’d jam to on the move.

Well forgive me if this songs aren’t what you like from Roddy you can actually recommend songs I can listen to and trap rappers I should check out too for my next article, stay safe guys stay trippy.

One thought on “TRAP FOCUS: RODDY RICH”
  1. Ballin is actually my number one shot from Roddy Ricch though Mustard owns it. Nevertheless, Ricch went real hard on the track by narrating his hustling life, and the successes that come with it. On the track, he also made his fans to know who is Roddy Ricch, and this he declared by saying, “…. I’m a big crip”.

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