Top 10 Greatest Rappers Of All-Time

It has been a trending topic up for discussion on social media, fans argue it out between each other to know the best rapper of all time.

Many lists have been released online in respect to this, it’s really a hard topic and long list to choose from has many Emcees have graced the stage. We’ll be naming our own list, trying so much not to be biased.

The list will be based on the influence, lyrics, discography, and depth the artist has on the rap scene. Checkout the list below;

Lil Wayne
Andre 3000
Kanye West

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Notable rappers to look out for that come short of the list slightly:

Nicki Minaj
The Game
Lupe Fiasco
Kendrick Lamar
Snoop Dogg

You don’t agree with this list? drop yours in the comment section.

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