The ties that break

They say it’s only a second between every happening. From good to bad, grass to grace, life and death, they say it’s only a second. But this second seemed awfully long, it’s like been doomed to an eternal pain of timeless continuum.

There are something’s we would never understand, if we never experience it. I had earlier had my prayers even before I thought of going to bed, I don’t like sleeping off and not say my prayers. Sleep, as soothing as it is, it’s one of our weakest moment if not the weakest. We lay vulnerable, inhale as exhaling with our heart beating at the same sequence till whenever it is required to change. The void and emptiness we experience is unexplainable and no matter how light your sleep is you will at some point have no cause to wake because you’re partially dead.

On some nights we have our so called self or should I say spirit roam around in a world that’s quite beyond us, it sees things beyond our reasoning, and imagination which could brighten our minds or scare us to the guts. And on other nights we just sleep dead and so would our spirit that moment we are clueless of what’s going in both the spirit world and our world.

I might have been having premonitions from a world far beyond by knowledge, but who am I to interpret things I don’t understand or perhaps I didn’t give it much attention or I have just blinded my inner eyes.

Unlike other nights that are either full of dreams or void. I could feel myself under my skin, like I was imprisoned under my own flesh. I could hear the utter silence that filled the room, or was it me? Fear aroused from my heart. I could feel my heart beating fast, and I wanted to break loose from the skin that I’ve been oddly imprisoned.

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I didn’t know exactly what was happening, but I had the stench of hell breaking loose in my guts. I looked around in my body and it was utter darkness. I kept struggling under my skin, I didn’t understand why. Memories started running through my head, the things I have done my whole life. The hearts I’ve broken, the people I’ve hurt, the people I cared for and my good deeds, everything I saw.

I could feel something was up. I mean, why would I be so scared? Why would I want to be free of my own body? And oddly at the same time I want to stay in there, caged in the darkness I didn’t understand.

For a while I thought it was a dream, but I would I’ve woken up if it was. My spirit I consider has the greatest survival instinct. After a while of struggle, a voice came in my head and said “it’s time for the tie to be broken.”

“What tie?” I pondered.

“The tie that connects you to the world. The only tie that breaks.”

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“I don’t understand.” I said.

“There’s a lot of ties in the world you live in. Family ties, love, marriage, hate, friendship. But none of these ties are ever broken even if one looses his life; his spirits keeps loving, hating, and still someone’s family. The one tie that breaks is the one that connects you to the world. Therefore it’s your time for your tie to be broken.”

I sighed at the understanding of these words. There was nothing more I could do. I gave up struggling and rested my hearts till it raced slower than a snail and I could feel my skin become penetrable for me to pass. I came out and I felt the freedom. I looked at my body lying helplessly on the bed as my phone was placed beside my ass.

The tie was broken. All this in a second. Like they say, there is only a second between life and death, but it seemed longer than what humanity could possibly imagine.

I lived.

Author: Doe Bades

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