Can Shea Butter Help With Anti Aging

As most people don’t know, Shea butter that is majorly found in west Africa in countries like Nigeria,Ghana etc. is a by-product of shea nuts.

The shea tree is popularly known as the “tree of life”, this is because it possesses so many healing properties. 

The usage of Shea butter can be dated as far back as the 14th century in Africa.

The extent of how shea butter is used in Africa has been absolutely unbelievable.

It can be found in skin balms, food, soaps, shampoo, traditional medicines and even in lamp oils. 

Despite it’s unending popularity in Africa, shea butter has become an option the world  is also taking note of. Its usage has become more noticeable in hair and skin products in North America.

Shea butter benefits are numerous when applied, some of which are:

  1. It aids anti aging, different research and studies has shown that shea butter possesses properties that can help with cell regeneration. This properties minimizes the signs of aging and also boosts collagen. 
  2. Shea butter also provides the skin with the necessary moisture it requires for up to eight hours when applied on the skin and it also helps in the treatment of eczema.
  3. Shea butter’s inflammatory¬† properties provide help to the skin by reducing the level of skin irritation.¬†
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The importance of shea butter can not be exaggerated, especially in its raw form. 

It is very affordable and with little or zero side effects when used this makes it an ideal skincare product that can be used on all skins.

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