Horror movies are known for its unique storyline bond to evoke emotions for many, movies like Annabelle, The Conjuring, The Nun etc. have all set a definitive standard horror movie ought to meet. The Unholy came as a shock to many as it didn’t meet the usual standard of horror movies, I don’t mean this in a positive light but rather a negative one.

The Unholy talks about someone named Mary that got her powers from the devil to perform miracles and get people to believe in her, she was discovered in the early times and burnt on a tree with her soul enclosed in a doll with an imaginary date. This doll was then discovered by a failed journalist, he broke the doll setting Mary free and the havoc begins.

The storyline for me was very creative but the action sequence was poor. The edgy feeling you get from horror movies was lacking in great amounts. The director did a not so creative work in bring the story to life. As a horror movie lover this was below par in every sense as I did not get the usual thrill, I get from horror movies.

I rate this movie 4.5/10 for the creative story line and acting skills of the actors.

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