[STORY] VEINS: Season 2 Episode 11

I am surprised you came to do the exchange yourself. I thought you were going to let one of your dogs represent you.” Doe smirked as he spoke to General.

Your instructions were quite clear, and besides i would do anything for family.” General replied.

So would I General, so would I. Doe sighed. ” Now to business, where is my brother?”

General signaled to his boys to usher Bertrand in.

“You know you’re criminal right? Despite the fact that you are a cop, you’re still into black business. And to add up you’re wanted by the entire police force.

“I don’t expect you to understand, why I do this. And all of this wouldn’t happen if you haven’t stolen my money”. General shouted.

Doe bursted into laughter. “You still haven’t figured all this out. I didn’t take your money, Bertrand did. When he was registering with you, he used all my details not his.”

General was stunned. He never understood the whole complication until Doe explained.

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Bertrand was brought in by General’s men. He looked weak and had really lost weight. Doe was happy to see his brother and so was Bertrand.

“Brother!” Bertrand said.

“Say no more brother”. Doe interrupted.

He faced General and handed over the antidote to him.

“This would make him not feel the effect of the poisoning. Once he feels the effect he dies”.

Doe stood up and held his brother’s hand and walked out of their meeting point. The same warehouse that Doe was kept in while he was kidnapped.

“This boy is smart but not smart enough”. Make sure he has left this place, follow them and kill them both.


Doe sat his brother gently in the car, and he also hopped in. He picked his phone and checked the time, and sat patiently.

“What are we waiting for?” Bertrand asked.

“If we leave now, they might follow and kill us. I’m waiting for the cops, I have informed them on what time to come.”


“He also a cop. He would get himself out of this”.

“No he wouldn’t”. Doe replied with confidence.

Few minutes later cars with siren came parking at the warehouse. Doe feels happy when he saw the cops.

“It his done”. He said.

“If he is arrested now, how would he be able to get the antidote to his son?”

“Come on, I ain’t that heartless. He was never poisoned. Doe said smiling.

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