Early October everyone was very excited about getting to listen to songs from the very best in Nigeria, I mean when we were wondering when we would get to listen to a song from Wizkid, Davido and Burna boy, within the space of a month, we got hit singles from each of them.

Davido dropped FEM earlier this month, and still within that week, wizkid released No Stress.

The reason No Stress is in focus was due to.the fact that Made In Lagos the highly anticipated album from wizkid was supposed to drop on the 15th of October 2020. This release date was then shifted forward due to the recent events in Nigeria.

The End SARS movement was a big one and Wizkid didn’t deem it fit to undermine the movement by dropping an album and we respect him for that.

No stress is a calm song, which gives a total different vibe from the upbeat songs we are used to. But it is no surprise coming from Wizkid as he seems to enjoy releasing calm songs, just like Joro or Smile.

Those who are used to the upbeat vibes might actually not like this song. But the song has received positive reviews all around. The song is cool, calm, and so different from the rushed vibes we get.

The only problem I have with the song is really it’s lyrical content, but nowadays, who still cares about lyrical contents.

But the song is definitely one that will make you play it on repeat, another great single from Machala himself, Wizkid, and I hope he actually releases the album we have all been anticipating. Because we are all tired of waiting.

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