First of all, We pay tribute to those that lost their lives in the movement #EndSARS.

Though we hardly hear Nigerian songs that talk about the troubles we are facing in the country, Ajebo hustlers, release a new hit single titled BARAWO.

Barawo, simply talks about the country and it’s politicians. How the politicians steal money from us, and how they fail to keep their promises, how they loot money. It also talks about how police arrest people without proof and how they kill people for no reason. It simply talks about the major problems facing the country.

Ajebo Hustlers recently did a feature with Davido, overall, the song is a nice one, talks about main things, quite different from the usual sound we hear, where it is usually mainly the beat, with little or no lyrical meaning.

The best part of the song for me was the message and the idea of being socially conscious of the happenings around us as Nigerians. They made music our weapon to explain our current predicament and situation.

It would mean alot if artiste can talk more about important issues facing the country, and not base their entire songs on things with little or no meaning, so that the youths that listen to these music can at least be up to date on matters and understand the message which the music is passing across.

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