The Osun State Police Command has arrested two more suspects in connection with the fresh human head and body parts found with one Ajibade Rasheed on Wednesday, June 8, in Osogbo, the state capital.

The suspects are Isiaka Akande Olorungbebe (45), whom Ajibade mentioned as the one who wanted to do money rituals and Tijani Taofeek, who was mentioned by Rasheed as someone who was interested in the victim’s body parts.

Metro also learnt that the victim was a psychiatric patient being taken care of by Olorungbebe in his house at Aagba community in Boripe Local Government Area of the state. Police investigation revealed that the victim was once pregnant for Olorungbebe but lost the pregnancy at about five months.

Also, a total of 12 psychiatric patients undergoing traditional treatment in Olorungbebe’s house have been rescued by the police. One of the patients, a middle-aged woman nursing a baby was said to have had the child for Olorungbebe.

It will be recalled that policemen on surveillance arrested Rasheed when they noticed that he refused to obey the hand signal of a traffic warden when he was stopped at Oluode Market in Osogbo. Human body parts, including a fresh female head, two hands, heart, and private part of a woman were found in the car he rode when the police conducted a search.

Though the two people in the vehicle escaped, one of them, Olorungbebe, was arrested by detectives from Homicide Section of the State CID in the course of investigation.

In an interview with Olorungbebe, he told Metro: “I told my friend I needed to do money rituals. He told me that I would need the head of a human being, hands, private and heart. I took one of the ladies I was taking care of. She had mental illness and I was taking care of her.

“When I decided to use her, Rasheed assisted in stuffing her mouth with cloth until she suffocated to death. Rasheed used a knife to sever her head while both of us cut the other parts of her body.

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“I have never done such a thing before. I just pray for God to forgive me. I have many wives but only three are at home now. Many women had children for me,” he said.

He also confessed to the police that the victim’s mother brought her to him when she had mental illness.”

Rasheed (38) also told Metro that it was Olorungbebe who asked him to do money rituals for him. “I explained the things that might be difficult among the ingredients for the ritual such as a human head, heart, hands and private part belonging to a female.

“I asked him to look for them. He took one of those who had mental illness that he was taken care of. I went to his place at Aagba to collect those things after the victim was killed.”

Rasheed revealed that Olorungbebe was his second client for money rituals. According to him, “my first client was popularly known as chief and was based in Bida, Niger State. I was in Abuja then and used the same human parts for the man about five or six years ago. The chief paid N370,000 for other ingredients. After the three months’ ritual process, I did not see the man again when he became wealthy. He changed his phone line and I lost contact with him.

“Olorungbebe was to pay N500,000 for the ingredients to use with the human parts he got but had only paid N200,000 in piecemeal before my arrest.”

The third suspect, Taofeek (39), denied knowing anything about the human parts. “I don’t know anything about the killing or move to do money rituals. It was Rasheed who implicated me that I had asked him for human parts, especially the thigh area. But this is a lie; I never did.”

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