Though an economist by primary training, Pearl Chidinma Ogbulu has taken fashion styling as her calling and has even bagged some awards to show for it.

In this interview with Star Tracker, the down-to-earth woman of steel, with a heart of gold lets us into her heart, unleashing her deep thoughts, fears and desires.

After your degree in Economics why is fashion styling the next option for you?

For me, fashion has been my way of life. It has been my culture and I knew it was the next thing for me as I needed to embed my ideas into other people.

Were you afraid you wouldn’t have been a successful economist or what?

No. Never. I am never afraid of anything of that sort. I would have been extremely successful as an economist and would have even ventured into politics. So, fear of anything has never been an option for me.

What’s the difference between the fashion stylists who had a crash course and the ones who actually studied it as a profession?

What you are asking me now is the same as asking me “what’s the difference between someone who learnt the chemist trade and someone who spent six years studying Pharmacy.

A crash course gives you a random idea of what fashion styling is, it probably allows you to know the 101 of styling but studying it as a profession or getting certified gives you an intensive training through a holistic approach, illustrating different areas where styling can be practiced.

How lucrative is fashion styling in Nigeria?

Not very lucrative I must say; but I think most people are here for whatever game it brings but not the pocket.

How does it feel to have recently won the Face of Candid City Stylist award?

It feels very timely. I feel very joyous, elated and advantageous.

Experience over the years has shown that easterners hardly encourage educating the female child. How were you able to achieve a degree in economics with this age-long challenge?

I personally think it is a very primordial and ancient way of thinking. The world has gone past that now. Women are almost the most highly educated humans.

Check the ten most educated people on the planet. There’s a woman with a high IQ of over 200. Also, how I was able to achieve this was self determination, considering the family that I come from.

Contrary to your recent audacious declaration that you have never dated a man that is good in bed, during an interview with Broadway TV, how would you describe yourself?

I will describe myself as inventive, productive, with integrity, industrious, and very emotional.

What pisses you off about the Nigerian culture?

Nothing pisses me off. I get so emotional being a Nigerian. Our culture is multi-ethnic and so are our people. I cherish every moment and every piece of our culture. This is my heritage. I will forever lift it up.

Having stayed in the States, what is the gap between fashion styling there and here?

A very, very, big gap. Fashion stylists are so appreciated abroad than here in Nigeria.

What’s the role of sex in a romantic relationship?

I think it connects and helps you bond whilst creating a sense of happiness, giving you a better self esteem.

In your opinion, is there sexual satisfaction without orgasm?

No. there must be an orgasm

Would you marry a ‘less than five minutes’ man in bed?

Yes, it totally depends on what we feel for each other.

How often do fellow women make romantic passes at you?

Very often.

How does it make you feel?

It makes me feel good and to remember that I have a hot and banging body.

You once said you like to be ‘Old School’ when it comes to romantic issues. Would you say there are still romantic men in Nigeria?

Men in Nigeria are only romantic when they haven’t tasted the honey pot.

Can a woman change a cheating man?

Variety they say, is the spice of life. Once a woman can bring various interesting spices to the relationship, he would have no where to go. So, Yes! There’s a woman out there who can change a cheating man.

What would you do if after marriage your man is accidentally rendered impotent?

Like I always say, we would work together to make his private part be a better dwelling place for us all.

Why do women feel the need to control their men?

There is absolutely no need for a woman to want to control a man. I feel there’s need for women to be extremely submissive and respective

How much of art is involved in fashion styling and how do you bring out creativity?

So much art is involved in styling. Luckily, there are very new research points to a variety of mental and environmental/seasonal approaches that can help us increase our creative output.

How I bring out creativity is separating work from consumption. I use counter factual thinking, I day dream and stay positive.


Credits/Source: Vanguard

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