A personal trainer has revealed her incredible transformation after her doctor ‘fat shamed’ her and motivated her to lead a healthier lifestyle. Weighing 17st 12lbs at her heaviest, Brenna Alexander, 34, rarely exercised and chose to eat out regularly as her health worsened.

It wasn’t until a routine doctor’s appointment when Brenna discovered that she had borderline high blood pressure and cholesterol that she decided to change her habits, losing almost six stone.

Brenna, now a personal trainer and health coach, weighs a super slim 12st 5lbs, and she’s ditched takeaways for healthy home-cooked meals. Brenna said losing weight has helped her get her life back after going from a UK size 26 to a UK size 10.

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Brenna does strength training and cardio five times a week and said the hardest part of her weight loss journey was keeping it up. Her advice to anyone who wants to shed the pounds is to start by setting small goals.


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