Good day Ma/ Sir My name is Adetunji Adeyinka I have a 9month old son, Daniel, he is diagnosed with hole in the heart, and he has been recommended to go for an heart surgery.

I and the father are teachers with different private school and we are presently very distressed, with our combined effort we can’t afford the surgery which is estimated to cost about 3 million Naira.

We intend to do the surgery at the National Hospital Abuja, He has been having continuous crisis, we hope to do the surgery as soon as possible, This message is an appeal, to assist us in raising funds for little Daniel Thank you very much. Any medical report you need for verification would be forwarded. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you and have a blessed day.

Name: Adetunji Daniel. Account nos: 0040503075 Unity bank. Mum’s number: 08052053878. Dad’s number: 08053221724

More pictures of the child below:

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