Russia Billionaire, Konstantin Scherbinin received more than 2000 Women application to become wife of

A 29-year-old “penniless” student has won a TV game show to marry a Russian oil tycoon twice her age and live a life of luxury. Yulia Sveshnikova was chosen by 55-year-old multi-millionaire Konstantin Scherbinin’s four children as a “hot” new bride for their father.

Some 2,000 hopefuls applied for the bizarre Russian show, called Millionaire for Marriage. Two of the eccentric Scherbinin’s five children, aged between 16 and 35, are older than the woman who will now become their stepmother and his “sixth and final wife”.

Yulia will fly to Dubai on honeymoon with Konstantin before splitting her time between his sumptuous homes in Moscow and Los Angeles, and enjoying his fleet of expensive cars and private jets, said the TV show.

Three years ago Yulia arrived with no money in the Russian capital from Khabarovsk, a remote city in the east of Siberia. Since then she has become a student and works part time as an events manager. Lol, don’t know why this sounds crazy, really? Indeed, money answereth most things.

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Sigh, the girl just forgot about finding true love o, she went for the benjamins!

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