It seems a beef is loading between Runtown and Mr Eazi, and this comes after the latter accused colleagues of ripping off his style.

Recall that in January, the Skintight singer took to Twitter to pay homage to Ghana and asserted that the new sounds coming out of Nigeria are deeply influenced by works churned out from Ghana.

Also in a recent interview, Mr Eazi fired direct shots at his Nigerian colleagues saying they are all ripping off what he started; mixing Ghanaian sounds/words with Nigerian ones to make hit songs. Though he didn’t name names, we all know that Runtown is chief among them.



Now, Runtown is shading the heck out of Mr Eazi for making that statement, using the opportunity to reveal that he is set to drop another song influenced by Ghanaian sounds. And if Mr Eazi doesn’t like it, Runtown thinks Mr Eazi can go and hug a transformer.

Bout to drop that new sound again and pls Don’t get mad when i finish what you think you started

— Runtown (@iRuntown) September 9, 2017

And here’s what his messy fans think:

We waiting on the wave bro !! Make sure you add shitor and banku about 50 times in every verse so his life can become difficult

— Tberry Pictures®™ (@iamtberry) September 9, 2017

.. let them know my guy . Started Ko started ni

— Young Danny (@danowalter) September 9, 2017

shots fired. Take it Eazi bro, small fame they start making too much noise..

— Pablo (@crucifixxobaby) September 9, 2017

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