There are several articles on how to carefully manage your natural hair but most people do not see articles that can help them change from their relaxed hair to the natural hair.

Statistics has shown that most Africans are opting to go natural rather than adopting a permed look. The reason people are choosing to go natural can be attributed to the fact that they are embracing their culture more and are considering an alternative that takes them back to their African roots.

This article is focused on helping people that are considering natural hair to take a more decisive step and adopt the option of natural hair. Going natural simply means getting rid of the permed tips and going for the option resulting from your scalp.

Most people feel like they need to cut their entire hair to go natural but this is not the case as you can successfully go natural without having to get rid of your hair. The main focus of this article is to help you identify the steps and successfully transform and reconnect with your African roots.

They include:

It is important to weigh in your options and consider numerous facts that the usual styles you do might not be possible with your natural hair.

The moment you come to terms with this it naturally becomes more decisive for you to go natural. You do not need to cut it all off at once, you can gradually begin to trim your hair till you get the new and natural growth.

When it comes to natural hair never ever forget to moisturize. This is very important to keep the hair healthy and help it grow better.

Always put your hair in protective style to provide a cover for it in harsh weather conditions and also create an environment for it to grow better.

Adopt a better system of co washing to help keep your hair clean and in better shape.

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