Rap Gamemode Activated????

Ok so I opened twitter last weekend and everywhere was agog and Yesterday as well, Vector replied MI’s “The Viper” with #JudasTheRat. Hmmmmm, so this beef started during the Xenophobic period in South Africa that left many dead and tensions arose to the artists as well, shots were fired back and forth between South African artists and Nigerian Artists as well but a Nigerian artist MI took the side of AKA and Vector came for him and even released a diss track titled “The Purge”.

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VEC went in hard on the song, taking MI to a place he had not been in a while,thats hardcore Hip Hop with shots fired. MI apparently made no plans to reply but was forced to school Vector on world teachers day. Oh boy it was fire!!!! MI took the position of a father advicing his ward on how to be a better person.

MI really webt vintage with the rhymes, punchlines and also word play. Just when you thought it was over Vector drops #JudastheRat. Guys i was undone there ooooooo personal shots were fired and bars really did circulate. After a long time the rap industry is rejuvenated, i missed this…. So guys what do you think is Hip Hop really back in Nigeria…….

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