[RANTS] Parents “the Blessing In Disguise”

Parents “the Blessing in disguise”

The biggest grace in this world as you grow is to have supportive and caring parents right from your babyhood.
I mean, parents that support you 100% no matter what you do, good or bad. And they have the financial stability and capacity to support your lapses.

You struggle through primary school, they’re ready to change your school to see positive effects.

From there you go to boarding school in secondary school. They come with food and fun fare every visiting day, have time to eat with you, check your notes, inspect your hostel, ask your teachers questions, grill the cooks for quality assurance, pay the same cooks to give you extra meal, be sure of your health, then give you extra of every grocery.

After secondary school, you take jamb, choose OAU and apply for medicine and surgery. But you come up with 145.
They pat you on the back and say, it’s your first trial.
Second attempt at jamb, you choose UNILAG and apply for medicine and surgery again. Again, you come out short with 156 .

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They hold a meeting and decide you should apply for Pre Degree in UNIOSUN. Pre degree, one year, they pay through their noses. You still don’t have admission.

You take jamb again, EKSU, microbiology. You do three years and they send you home because of Unseriousness and, no GP.
You cry foul and beg your parents for allowing fayose collect hundreds of naira from them for waste in three years.

Then you wake up one morning after a year of good food and wine. You say, enough is enough. Daddy, mummy, I’m going to study in the North.
Which school?
Nasarawa state University.

You gain admission to study… Erm.. All courses are the best. Ish.

You then carry your head and come to social media to show that, you have arrived.
Who’re you?
You’re very lucky they didn’t send you to that north to go and start doing motor boy to bring tomatoes down to Lagos. You’re not proper.
You’re very lucky and you don’t know it.
You better make the best out of your parents generosity, capacity and their belive and hope in the nothingness in you to make something for yourself before your old pals slip off.

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