[RANTS] #LoveTuesday: Your Boyfriend’s Attitude Tells A Lot About Where You Two Are Heading

If your boyfriend has zero composure, leave him. Else he will spread out his stupidness in public for you to sleep on one day.

If your boyfriend can’t smart talk. Leave him. He’s not worth what you’re giving him

If your boyfriend is abusive. Don’t walk oh, Run! Or fly! Abi you want to die ni?

If your boyfriend can go from a 100 to 0 in one second. It’s hypertension that will kill you if you don’t Gerrarahere.

If your boyfriend is going haywire about the new sex doll. You’ve not found a man. You’re with a HE-doll in particular.

If your boyfriend is all about banana fall on you. He’s a dog and he’s turning you into a sheep. You better find your way.

If your boyfriend is doing slave boy to another boy. You should go to the market and buy him skirts then go back to the singles league and be available for Kings.

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If your boyfriend is living a life of destruction, that one is cancerous. Quickly go and report yourself at egbani elaja on television that your life has been finished.

If your boyfriend can use his school fee to buy plasma TV, you better find your way before he uses your kids school fee to buy clothes and bag.

If your boyfriend can use his life to play bet9ja, you too don’t have a man yet ó, you have a virtual baby boy.

If your boyfriend can’t speak and command respect. I pity you o, because they will soon send you back to your village.


Akingbade Ademide

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