[RANTS] Do You Know What Your God Truly Wants?

Rant 010

What i preach is, know what your God truly wants, don’t enforce yourself on him. The labour market needs you out there one way or the other, the yields from your labour betters your life. not the hours or days your spend in church enforcing yourself on God..

Your night vigils can’t solve your spiritual problems, mutual communication with God through a mind without taint and bias will…

The Sabbath day only moves you closer to Christ and tell him your needs, it doesn’t open the heaven gates for you to go to heaven. love carries it all, it sure MAY guarantee you heaven..

That preaching wont help, your level of understanding Christ will.. Don’t just spend precious time in church, go out there and find something doing, if you mediate well on your doings, it solves problems..


Akingbade Ademide

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