Rants With Akingbade Ademide: No Education For The Poor Anymore

Maybe education can’t be totally free, we could be sounding selfish in our quest to receive a free education, and yes, a fair one at that..

This ego that comes with hierarchy in our over wasted education sector eats money! Money, baby!
That suv runs on fuel, sugar daddy isn’t by mouth, the pocket attracts the chic.

Don’t be surprised, Even the ecclesiastical eats money.. Tithes and offerings, more precisely.

That’s one point, hold that..

Here’s another conjoining point..
what will we be missing if we don’t go to school?
Afterall, we always shout, without us, there can’t be them.. Our school fee pays their salaries..

So, wtf_will_we_be_missing_if_we_don’t_go_to_school?

Cramped laboratories?
Disgruntled lectures?
Irrational teaching?
Enraged secretaries?
conventionalism, with little or no room for intelligence?

Call me your devil, I’m no painter, but, do you get the picture?

Okay we’re saying we still have to pay more for all these.. Or, as the news is, we’re saying that those coming after us have to pay triple just so they can be taught how not to question the principles of physics and its brothers..
Money must be spent afterall..
And parents, want us to have a 9-5 at the end of the years, pension at the end of the decades..
No impact to the world!

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Here’s another point, the genius ones among us, how far have they gone?
There’s that one boy in class that knows the kingdom, phylum class… to the specie of an animal..
What’s the brightness in them?
Where’s the peculiarities?
We all have that professor, that doctor, woe betide you not to submit his 10 page assignment..
That ten page assignment, what implementation has happened to it?

Like the church, the school makes us conform, we have to act in accordance with expectations.. And we’re dying in that process..

How much really should this education cost?
Religion costs nothing but your faith at least, and your offerings and tight..

But this crazy education, we will never know..
100k? 150? 200? 230? 280? 300?

We will never know..
But as they will always say, you are not paying enough..
The cost of programing your brain into a one way train is high, very high..

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It’s sickening really, worse than a pastor always cussing everyone in his environment..

But let’s all burn in hell already if it exists, what else does the world have to offer to our generation?
Here’s an undertone, we can get used to anything, women get slapped in the night and they are singing in the morning trying to make their single neighbor jealous by washing a drum of daddy’s clothes in front of the house..

This unpalatable situation, you will get used to it.. It’s your water, you survive on it..
As for me, I’ve booked my flight with NASA..
This young man is going to space, miss me when I’m gone..
But I can lap you to space, just teach me how to code.

Akingbade Ademide

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