Rants With Akingbade Ademide: Ladies And The “We Are Too Close To Date” Line

There’s an issue bothering me so much, so much..
It’s the insistence of ladies not to ever date someone they’re close friend with..

Why? What’s up?

“We’re too close to date..”

Lady, you say wah!

If a guy is elegant with a good head, clean character, bright prospects, exhilarating personality, exciting attitude, correct brain, why push him away because he knows a lot of things about you?

Things like, you love to have sex with your hands and legs chained together on a car that’s inside river Jordan or the red sea and your fucker flogs you with koboko until your ass cheeks are as red as hot iron..

Or he knows that you used to steal meat from your mum’s pot till you were 16 and she would catch you and ask you to steal more..

All I’m just saying is, someone that doesn’t know you for the crazy brat you’re can’t understand you or treat you as that freaking, imaginative, adventure loving lady..

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A friend knows you, he has seen you cry, weep, laugh, he knows when you’re weak or strong, he know how to cheer you up..
He knows you love money and you will choose it over love, he knows you love sex and you want it every morning, day and night, he acts based on that your believe and adds a lot of ginger and swagger plus sauce and juice just to make sure you are absolutely satisfied.

That’s the most important thing in a relationship..

Not the pretentious, cry cry thing you girls are doing up an dan called relationship!

You’re happy, but you’re always trying to dig deep as to why nigga doesn’t understand you, why he doesn’t see you sad from just 1 mile away, why he doesn’t know you want to be surprised or hugged from behind, or why isn’t he sending that early morning text you love so much to wake up to..

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Yes, not all friends deserve the double promotion from friend zone to relationship zone..
But really, if you have a good friend with everything that’s fabulous about a guy, who’s interested in you, he’s likely the best pal to treat you like you’ve always wanted.

That he’s your friend and he understands you and he’s a great head to have around is a plus for you, you should get the best from a friendship turned relationship..

And yeah, he won’t be boring if he’s a bright guy.. He knows already everything that makes you happy, he will sway you with surprises and cool sturvss..
A stranger doesn’t, he’s just gambling! With your feelings.. Sorry!


Akingbade Ademide

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