Project Power

Aug 27, 2020

We have all run out of good movies to watch this lockdown period as those that we were anticipating this year, has been postponed to next year or 2022. So basically we have been watching series some of us never even thought of watching before.

On the 14th of August, a new superhero movie was released by Netflix, Project power, there was so much hype about the movie as most of my friends who watched it recommended the movie for me. I decided to give the movie a trial, as I started watching it last night, at the beginning was kind of hyped for the movie as it looked promising, I even wanted to recommend it for another friend of mine, but I decided to watch it fully before thinking of recommending it.

So today, I decided to finish watching the movie once and for all, and to be really honest, the end of the movie was quite poor, for a superhero movie. Most superhero movies we watch, there is always a plot twist, I was patiently waiting for the plot twist, but the plot twist never came.

Project power simply talks about a former soldier and a police officer, who joined forces to take down a group of people who provides a dangerous pill that provides temporary super powers. The movie starrs Jamie Foxx and popular rapper, Machine Gun Kelly.

The movie might be fire for some people, but for me, the movie was really, JUST THERE, I didn’t see any special thing there, I was waiting for the suspense, the drama, but it really was just straight forward and direct. No plot twist, drama, suspense, like we usually see in numerous superhero movies, where the hero and his daughter unites at the end of the day and the world is safe.

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