Port Harcourt serial murders.

Chaos in the City of pH as serial killer is on the loose.

Reports have it that there has been a Series of murder In the city of port Harcourt as Dead bodies simultaneously spun up in low budget hotels.

This is as a Result as When Online Vendors want to sell their products, they are lured into hotel rooms and murdered. Then A handkerchief is placed on their bodies like a pattern.

This killing spree has been going on for two months, Meanwhile Locals Have gone to the streets to protest with the Hashtag, #SavePhGirls.

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The Police Department in pH is yet to issue any official statement on this Scenario as The locals as Shaken in Fear as to who might be the next Serial Killers Victim.

Girls and women and even children are being warned to Tell people about their whereabouts as to avoid stories like this.

The Radio stations have also Aired Views on this and has even Trended on Twitter.

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In addition to this the police officials have warned women to shun prostitution so as not to be the next victim.

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