[POEM] Talent And Education “The Oldest Conflict”

What joy do I have been doomed?
They only inflict pains in the post they assumed

That could have been my gain
But after voting them-in all they cause is pain

Have got skills I can’t show
A talent people crave to have, that have got
But when will the world know
Or is it that in my skills have fall short?

What more can I say when it’s not appreciated
Even in school curriculum it’s not incorporated

Is it a must to visit the four walls of school?
When I have my talent as my surviving tool

Can’t I stick to my talent has I grow?
Working towards my future when cold and hot
Not sleeping till the cock crow
It’s just sad as they all see this style having a “But”

Can’t I develop my talent and still wear uniform?
But they hide their children as they see me coming
Thinking my style will corrupt their breeds
But am sure with these I will lead


I know I dream a lot
Hmmm, just that it’s sure this idea is a good plot

A style I have always presumed
And in my world it looks assumed

Will this move on to another generation
With the government out with no motivation

I know this will all be history
When education can be found in my ministry

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