Singer, Niniola has revealed that she wouldn’t hesitate to dump her lover if he ever got in the way of the success of her music career. She also said that she has been able to keep her relationship alongside her career so far as her partner understands his place.

I am currently in a relationship and I am dating someone. I have been dating for a while now. It has been perfect coping with my career and relationship and I have had no problems whatsoever. My partner dare not tell me to choose between him and my career because he knows he would lose out,” she told Punch.

Niniola maintained that rejecting unwanted advances from men was pretty easy for her as she doesn’t go out much.

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She said, “You would hardly see me outside my house unless I have an event or a performance. So, how would men have the opportunity to come and toast me? You would never see me alone at an event. So if you are not talking about work or business, I don’t really have the time. Regardless, some people still walk up to me and tell me that they like me. I am an introvert but people do not believe. It is only when I am working that the lioness in me comes out. I like to be by myself.

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