Sun. May 16th, 2021

Music Distribution


Music distribution is an online distribution that lets artist promote their musical Audio or/+ Video to the right channel, also you can sell your music online through this services if you so wish to. Most of the artist are busy with making music or don’t know the right channel to go through to place their songs on all this platform or find going through them one after the other stressful, but not to worry let us face the stress to get your music to the right spot you want it. To promote your music on top Musical channel, Music sites, contact our expert HERE and if you want it promoted on Social Platform, kindly visit HERE

Music Distribution Process

#1 Fill our music distribution form which can be accessed below

Music Distribution Form

#2 Wait for about 1-2 working days to be contacted by one of our experts. You will be sent an estimate based on what your choices are in the form.

#3 after the estimate has been approved and payment made, the distribution process will commence.

#4 the process will take up to a week after the payment has been made, depending on the choices of Distribution made as some channel processes may be within 3 working days

Distribute your music on Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, and more…