Origin of big brother

The origin of the big brother in details.

Beginning of the origin of the big brother show

You all think big brother started in Nigeria. Hahaha. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

The origin of big brother or the originality started out in the 90s.

Big brother was carved from a novel titled ‘1 9 9 4’ by Anthony Burgess in 1985. ‘Big Brother’ as its fondly called was termed an all seeing eye, in a totalitarian government run by dictators.

History of the origin

It was until Sept 16, 1999 that the origin of the big brother franchise came into existence.

It started out in the Netherlands. where ‘House Guests’ would live in an Isolated Area, and try and be as entertaining as possible to avoid Eviction and compete for the star prize

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It was not until 2000 that the Housemates were moved into a more supervised House where Cameras were installed to a live TV to monitor the movements of the housemates.

Later in the early 2000s Other countries adopted the Big brother franchise. Countries like USA, UK, Bulgaria etc.

Special editions were also made where for example; Celebrities will compete for humanitarian reasons.

Endemol Shine was the company who produced it and later, CBS bought the series for a whooping $20M price.

In 2006, the first series of Big brother was Aired in Nigeria, In which today’s Anchor of the show; Ebuka Emerged from, though not as the winner but as a strong contestant.

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After that, it later Resurfaced in 2017 in which south Africa was the Host Country.

Big Brother Africa too was also a Large Franchise where people like Sir Uti Nwanchukwu came out from.

The big Brother franchise Grows larger every year, and is rated one of the lucrative investments in the Showbiz industry. Also a Key Factor to note that major celebrities have come up from the big brother house. But hey! The house ain’t for everyone.

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