Omah Lay, I first heard of him around August, the first time I heard his song, which was Lo Lo I was not really moved to listen to his song. It was the video I watched at first, then I heard Bad Influence and I was like who is this guy.

And I can say with my full chest that the 23 year old definitely killed that EP. I am not a fan, of listening to full EP’s or albums, because I end up not enjoying all the songs, but this EP, I just could not find one bad song on it. Everything was sweet from the beginning to the end, you hear his sweet sultry voice reflecting on the songs, from My Bebe to DAMN on which he featured American artist 6lack, the songs were just fire.

My favorite song is DAMN the remix, because I fell in love with it before he released the whole EP, it was the first single of his EP and I just loved it right away, then My Bebe, I don’t really think I can pick one out of all of them that is my favorite, but DAMN (the remix), hits different when I listen to it.

But personally for me, the EP was perfect, I would have loved to talk more about them one after the other, but they are just 6 songs, My Bebe, Can’t Relate, Confession, Godly and Damn, and only 2 out of them are not love songs, which are Can’t Relate and Godly, which both talks about how far he has come and how much God has done for him so far. Definitely a masterpiece from Omah Lay.

He released the first EP, Get Layd, the first EP was a hit, then he dropped the second EP, What Have We Done, still a hit, he is definitely a rising star, as most people rated his EP higher than Wizkid’s Made In Lagos album and Davido’s A Better Time, he generally had one of the best album this year.

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