Nigerian Upcoming Dancehall Diva, INE hits the studio

Ine have been said to be a reflection of Popular artist Cynthia Morgan, with both voice and music style to be having similarities.

Her last song was titled “Ready Fi Dem” which to her symbolizes her readiness to make way in the industry.

After taking to her Instagram page earlier this year, making her fans know that hit song is what they should be expecting from her.

First 2018 picture , more beautiful pics 2come, more #hit #songs to come , more #music #videos to come ,more #entertainment generally for u guys FAM . Its a beautiful year already let’s enjoy & make the most of it

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She was spotted in the studio on a weekend probably getting the hit song ready.

The artist has been working from underground, and hopefully this year is going to be her year as she as stated.

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