Most of the action movies we see nowadays, not all of them have a different storyline, as most of them just give us the same old usual storyline.

At first, you might enjoy it, but over time, after watching several of them with the same storyline, you get bored of it and when you decide to see a movie that has that same storyline, it becomes more of a waste of time.

Based on the reviews I saw, I know I’m not the only one who felt that way when watching the new Netflix release, Sweet Girl.

It felt different seeing Jason Momoa star in the movie as it was different from the usual role of Aquaman that we see him star in.

So I felt it wouldn’t hurt to watch this one, as he said during an interview that he would like to try acting in other roles different from his usual superhero roles.

And after watching the movie, I can say now that I would not recommend that movie for anyone, as the movie felt like a waste of time.

The movie had no new or different storyline, and the writer tried to save the movie by adding a plot twist at the end of the movie, but the damage had already been done, it was too late for the plant twist.

It was not as if the plot twist was something major, the only plot twist there was [SPOILER] when we realised that the person who committed the crime was the daughter and not Jason Momoa as we all thought.

Before I got to the end, I was beginning to wonder why it was called Sweet Girl, then it was when I saw that she was the one committing the crimes and not Jason Momoa, then I saw the relevance of the whole movie name.

The movie stars Jason Momoa, Isabela Merced, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Adria Arjona, Raza Jeffrey, Justin Bartha, Lee Scott Davis, Michael Raymond-James.

The movie talks about a woman named Amanda Cooper who falls ill with a rare form of cancer, her husband, Ray Cooper is told that a potentially life-saving drug for Amanda was pulled off the market, days before her treatment was set to begin, and this led to her death.

In the bid of trying to get revenge for her death, Ray Cooper also dies, and the daughter takes it upon herself to make sure they all pay.

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