As a man, you need to act as a man,and I’d be listing out things men do that can mess up their marriage.

See below;

1. Putting your wife in a jealous position.

We can’t dispute the fact that this happens alot and as a man,I really don’t know why we do this,but its a big threat to our marriage though.

2. Not balancing the likes of your wife and yours.

A marriage that’s even 10years would crash for this if a man wants his will to top the list every time, well your wife is human,give her the chance to make a decision with what she likes too,and support what she likes,nobody will die if you two are team workers like that.

3. Shouting at your woman.

This is one hell of a big deal,its wring to shout on anyone even a 2y/o, its so wring and scary,because we are humans and we get scared when voices are raised on us,and when we are scared,we’d avoid the person one way or the other or just watch it beside the person and for someone that’s married! That’s just not too bad.

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4.Correcting her in front of the children.

5 Not having her time every time.

It’s really good to make out time for your marriage and just chill out with the love of your life,the age of the marriage doesn’t matter, she’s your wife, not your sister,because your sister would understand you and probably not bother because she has other engagements with her friends,but your wife should be queen like that

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