Groove Trips and Emotions

In recent times people have come to realize the importance of music as a whole. With this in mind, only a handful of artists are working twice as hard to put out the best contents that would be a source of entertainment and also motivation.

Up and coming acts 8tch and Hurdihmoore released a joint project on all streaming platforms on the 27th of November 2020 titles Groove Trips and Emotions. This project for me deserves to be highly appreciated as it saw the combination of two of the best up and coming acts in the Nigerian Music Industry.

The production also stood out with super producers Vampire Beats, Remix, and Samibond putting undeniable finesse to well-crafted lyrics.

One reason this project stands out for me is that despite the evolution of the music industry, artists with undeniable talents have to be highly appreciated.

G.T.E is a 7 track project with an intro and it would be cliche if I mentioned that every song was a hit right? Yes, I think so too. Now don’t get me wrong G.T.E is a great listen, it has a little bit of everything music should have.

GBONA is the title track off the project. Gbona was released way before G.T.E dropped, the afro vibe makes this song your go-to song when you need to cheer yourself up. It is the kind of song that would make you move regardless of the situation you might find yourself in. Gbona is the “GROOVE” off the project.

JABO is a stand out track for me, vocals from Hurdihmoore is one that soothes and stirs your emotions. This blends well with lyrics from 8tch and helps you understand the emotions behind the song. JABO would slap you like a love song. 

This is an emotion 8tch and Hurdihmoore try to convey with G.T.E, Vampire Beats left no stone unturned in the production of this song.

VIBES AND TINZ, well the title explains what you would think the song should mean, well it might come as a shocker but this song covers two aspects of the project I mean “TRIPS and EMOTIONS”.

Teemix switched it up on this track, the beat gives a unique sound that is hard to miss. This is another stand out track off G.T.E for me.

DEAR FATHER is a mood. Samibond created a piece of art with a full afrobeat sound. Dear Father is another stand out track off G.T.E, both artists talk about their insecurities and they also come to terms with the fact that everything at the end of the day is out of their hands.

KNOW YOUR WORTH, I believe this song has a relatable message to everyone out, the fact that there is so much going on in the world nowadays; people lack self-esteem and hence seek validation from people out there be it on social media or even their social institutions. This sort of validation isn’t required as both acts to tell us to value ourselves more. My problem with this song is that for a song with such a powerful message it is relatively too short. 

I feel Groove, Trips, and Emotions in my opinion is a body of art to 8tch and Hurdihmoore that conveys their emotions that can’t be expressed with mere words. Their chemistry is sublime, it is hard to see two artists of different genres of music come together and put out a dope project. 

I rate this Project an 8/10 and I look to more music from both acts.

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