Hi there so my first article was met with mixed reviews, people could not stop mentioning the fact that Nigerian music has not met the criteria I explained which leads to my next question How essential is Nigerian music?

Nigerian music has been stated overtime to lack the contents required of it, most people believe that like the afrobeat king Fela used his music to challenge the government and also force change, the current breed of Nigerian artist too ought to do the same since its the same issues that are being addressed over and over again.

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Nigerian music in recent times serve as a form of entertainment, yes they all do have a good vibe that eases tension and provides a temporal distraction from the situations we are facing, but the main issues are being neglected, the contents that make these songs stand the test of time like the music of Abami Eda aren’t seen, thereby making our artises irrevelant leaving them short of the attention the craft so much deserves.

How should we improve, as only a handful choose the option of taking the bull by its horn and putting out quality music regardless of the consequences in their attempt to advocate for social change.

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What do you think?

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