The Real You
The Real You: I read all the chapters in all the books,
But I couldn’t remember the question,
I climbed seven mountains and valleys,
But couldn’t see the real beauty in life.
I purchased the best technology in the world,
But i couldn’t connect with my emotions.

I swan the deepest and widest ocean,
But I couldn’t drift away to find love.
I conquered my greatest fear,
But I couldn’t find peace within me.
Then I came to realize that,
It’s not all about being perfect that matters,
It’s all about unleashing the true you,
And loving yourself every step of the way.

Love peacefully and don’t force it,
Live life to the fullest with challenges to conquer,
Explore the world with people who appreciate you,
And End it all with no regrets whatsoever.
We all got one life and it should be portrayed right,
Live it been THE REAL YOU.


Source: Omotayo White

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