[MOTIVATION] Your Dream Is Nothing Till You Make It A Reality

No one, I mean no one is going to believe in your dream unless you make it a reality

Of course, I believe everybody knows that…..

But what about those that are praying that you won’t make it just to laugh you and see your painful tears when they see you have a great potential which is feasible, hate for no reason. Even your roommate is ganging up against you, your bedmate, your companion, your best friend, your partner in everything, they don’t want to see your best side because they don’t want you to overshadow them. This is just to show how they are close to you.

The earth is revolving round the sun in other to illuminate every object and living things that really need the glory of sun. To feel the in-depth of the sun radiation, you must stay at your position because the sun is coming to you at your own particular time, but any attempt to change position might be the time when the sun is leaving where you think is more shinning bright.

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Any further attempt to change the position of the object blocking the radiation of the sun to another position, it might result to another obstruction when the sun decides to make its glory descends on you.

Why not taking patience pills? Your harsh actions towards people might trigger equal and opposite reaction that might wrought it damage irreparably.

Every position is meaningful and designated for you to explore, to correct the abnormalities, to make your mark, to be great in it and probably be the founding father of your own idea.

Stop hating and wasting your time on the success of others. Your precious time is meant to contribute meaningfully to your life not to be squandered on negative feelings that tend to be voracious eater of your time.

Olagunju Oluwaponmile F.
(aka) Mr_Folap

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