A lot of Nigerians will be surprised to find out that former President Goodluck Jonathan is not married to only one wife. The ex First Lady, Dame Patience Ibifaka (née Oba) Jonathan is sharing her husband with another woman. The fact that Jonathan has a second wife has remained unknown to most Nigerians for a long time. It is not something that has been publicized Let’s find out who she is, this other woman that has managed to capture Goodluck Jonathan’s heart.

The daughter of a Lawyer

Mrs. Lott Jonathan is most popularly known as Mrs. Lott J. She graduated with a Law degree from the Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST).It was also discovered that Lott J is the daughter of Chief F.D. Lott. Her father is a lawyer and also once served as Attorney General of Bayelsa State as well. These days, he is no longer a practicing lawyer, but is a member of the Governing Council of Niger Delta University, Bayelsa. Mrs. Lott has a very close relationship with Deziani Allison-Madueke, who is the former Minister for Petroleum.

Mrs. Lott J got married to the ex president before he got involved with politics. Mrs. Lott is the mother of the former president’s two sons. When Jonathan became the governor of Bayelsa State, he relocated his second wife and the two boys to the United States of America. This was where she was based for many years.

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Mrs Lott did not return to the country until a few months after Goodluck Jonathan won the presidential election and became the president of Nigeria. She came back to the country with her two sons to be with her husband.

She ended up settling down in Abuja. Sources have revealed that Mrs. Lott J is living in one of the most expensive areas of Maitama district, Abuja. In addition, the woman also runs her own private school, called Aduvie Montessori International.

The school is actually quite popular and thriving in the state. A lot of people send their kids there. It is said that Mrs Lott does not live together with the former Mr President but he tries to visit her as often as he can. Some say he visits every week.

Goodluck Jonathan’s second wife Mrs. Lott J is known as a very easy-going and determined lady. However, you will not find her photos on the Internet. With two families and political career, Goodluck Jonathan has proven to be a very impressive man.

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