What is your real name?
Odebunmi Hafeez olamilekan Olawale

Everyone is always starting the music from church, when and how did the music all started?
It all started on the streets of Lagos, you know I would say I got mad love Fih music , I recorded my first song back in 2013 that was when it all started.

Did your parents support your music at first?
Well my dad died way back even before I started doing music But A Big shout-out To My Mom, she has always been a supportive and a prayerful mother! I love her so much

So far, how many projects have you had?
I released My first Single #DreamLove In 2013 And Later That Year I dropped A Mixtape Album titled YORUBADBOY and Ever Since then I’ve had couple of songs out there.. My latest single Is #SweetLife off my upcoming EP #LOST, y’all watch this space

So far, what’s your biggest let-down in music?
There was a concert and I was told to get to the venue before 5pm coz show starts 6pm, I did and I saw this guy I knew he’s part of the concert team, I was very happy I’ll get to showcase myself today say I go climb this headbursting stage. He collected my song and I happy gan !Show starts and he was just telling me to chill chill chill, with all my hope all on him! Till show finish bruh But I took at as a part of the hardship to the journey! Better days ahead

What’s your take on rappers doing commercial tracks?
You know in my opinion and with the way the Nigeria music industry is, commercial puts food on the table way quick! I think if you’re a rapper in Nigeria you gotta know how to sing a bit you get me?

What inspires your music?
I was inspired by my surroundings, you know mans seen lots ! I love music like I listen to all types of genre.. Music is life bruh and Fela said its a weapon!

Who’s your rapper of all time, and your favorite line by him
Lil Wayne : They Say We Learn From Mistakes , so That’s why they mistaking me.

Which top act would you like a collaboration with?

Talking about international music, who’d you like to have on your track?

What influence has women and society had on your music?
Not a bad one I guess , if you listen to SWEETLIFE, haha

Name your 5 of your favorite Nigerian beatmakers
Legendary beats

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