[LOVE STORY] RIDGES: Season 2 Episode 10

Technically i dont have any plans, i dont  even  trust janet  enough  to  help  me  talk to my brother. But i have faith that God will see me through. I have been trying to reach my brother for days now but it seems to have made up his mind on killing me.

But really, what is the use of my life when everything is falling apart, i think i should consider reading Chinua Achebe’s Things fall apart. I am sure the story line is nothing like mine, but maybe, just maybe it might give me an insight or perhaps a different perspective to look at this situation.

My phone rang and to my greatest surprise it was my brother. I summed up courage to pick the call, i could feel my soul leaving my body everytime my finger gets closer to the answer button.


“Hello… Brother? I said as fear gripped my voice.

“This is Butosh, don’t panic. Oh you should because you only have few days left on the face of the earth”.  Butosh said as he smilled.

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“What have you done to my brother?” I bravely asked.

“Wow. I really wish he could ask the same question. But, your brother is fine. He just bought the gun he would use to kill you, and he has been quite motivated to do anything to get you out of his life”.

“D…” Butosh interrupted.

“Dont bother saying anything Doe, goodbye”. He said as he hung up.

Now i know i am dead.

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