I quickly took my lips off her intoxicating mouth to look at who called Daniel again. This guy has become too popular even more that i thought he would be.

”So now you’re back with angel the devil”.

Well i give her credit for the nice line. Angel is indeed a devil. I didnt straff her intentionally. I got an invite to her house about four years ago. She told me she needed a hand in fixing somethings in her room. I foolishly went, and she offered me some Godforsaken juice which actually resurrected my hormones from the land of the dead. The sex was damn, i cant even describe it.


”Where does this leave you and Janet. Its seems you’re turning out to be like Doe afterall”.

Thats Bimpe she was my girlfriend before i left school. She was the one that caught me straffing Angel. Bimpe and Angel were really close before i ruined, or perhaps she ruined their relationship.

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I did not know what to say, even though i am always on top of my game but this shit actually got me speechless.

”Angel hissed and walked away leaving i and Bimpe as i still stood trying to comprehend and observe the beauty of the girl i once loved. Or do i still love her? I dont know who i love all this girl complication. At least i know now that mystery girl’s name is Janet.

Before i could say a word Bimpe has zoomed off.

”what will i do now? Where the hell do i know she’s going to?

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